Three Fingered Jack & the Legend of Joaquin Murieta

By Marilo Nunez

At the height of the Gold Rush Fever in California, 1853, a Mexican outlaw by the name of Joaquin Murieta is beheaded by the California Ranger sworn to capture him dead or alive. Fuelled by the racism and violence faced by the Mexican and foreign settlers working the gold claims, Murieta, known as the Robin Hood of the west, earned the wrath of the Americans. Left behind by her husband, Rosita Feliz is forced to face the truth of her husband’s history and reclaim her honour and that of her husband’s.

Racism, betrayal and lost love form the backbone of Rosita’s quest for vengeance. Having learned the truth of Murieta’s death from the sole remaining witness, Three Fingered Jack, Rosita Feliz sets out to find justice and the truth behind the legend. Shrouded in the exaggerated tale of an outlaw done wrong is the story about the heart, strength and truth of a woman.

2006 SummerWorks Theatre Festival
August 3-13, 2006
The Factory Theatre Mainspace, Toronto

Marilo Nunez: Rosita Feliz
Carlos Diaz: Three Fingered Jack
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio: Joaquin Murietta
Martin Moreau: Harry Love
Maria Syrgiannis: Lola Montez

Director: Natalie Alvarez
Playwright/Producer: Marilo Nunez
Dramaturg: Stephen Colella
Set Designer: Robin Riddihough
Lighting Designer: Trevor Schwellnus
Music: Marcelo Puente & Jeronimo Acuna
Stage Manager: Steve Minnie
Choreography: Paula Videla-Rodriguez
Fight Director: Daniel Levinson
Associate Producer: Peter Riddihough
Poster Design: Alexandra Gonzalez
Photography: Peter Riddihough

Toronto Star
“Feistier than a spicy tortilla… Exploring the role of women in the cowboy genre sets the show apart.”

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