The Intruder

by Amaranta Leyva
Directed by Marilo Nuñez

Catalina’s parents have recently divorced. Her world is turned upside down with the abrupt entry of her mother’s new boyfriend, the man she calls “The Intruder”. Catalina launches an investigation to find out what dark secrets are hidden behind this man’s charming presence. What she finds is a journey into the puzzles of identity and the true meaning of family. A play with puppets!

Produced by Alameda Theatre Company
August 4 – 14, 2011
Summerworks Festival 2011
Factory Studio Theatre, Toronto

Featuring: Michelle Arvizu, Paloma Nuñez & Juan Carlos Velis
Director: Marilo Nuñez
Dramaturg: Stephen Colella
Set & Costume Design: Andjelija Djuric
Lighting Design: Trevor Schwellnus
Music & Sound Design: Edgardo Moreno
Movement Coach: Clare Preuss
Production Manager: David DeGrow
Stage Manager: Fiona Jones
Producer: Marilo Nuñez
Associate Production Intern: Sigrid Velis

Toronto Star
“…a subtle and skillful examination of a young girl’s confusion over the recent divorce of her parents and a move to a new home with mom’s new boyfriend. Marilo Nunez directs a strong cast – Michelle Arvizu, Juan Carlos Velis and Paloma Nunez, who is outstanding as the bewildered little girl. And it draws to a moving conclusion.
Highly recommended.”

Mooney on Theatre
“Charming and effective. …this is a play that has all the fun and imagination of a child.”

Now Magazine
“Director Marilo Nunez delivers some good touches …with effective use of shadow and Andjelija Djuric’s expressive puppets.”

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