Paradise Red

By Bruce Gibbons Fell
Directed by Marilo Nuñez
Set as a black and white Latin American soap opera, Paradise Red takes place in the days of Chile’s dictatorship in the 1970s, where a powerful military family has run amok. A story of repressed sexual desire and political violence during a melodramatic weekend in the home of a mysteriously deceased General, where his suspicious, estranged son returns to his alcoholic mother and Catholic sister, and their dark sordid secrets.
August 7 – 17, 2014
2014 SummerWorks Theatre Festival
Produced by Cocodrilo Triste Theatre Collective in association with Alameda Theatre Company
Lower Ossington Theatre, Toronto
Starring: Carmen Aguirre, Alex Muir Contreras, Rosa Laborde
Dramaturge: Erica Kopyto
Set Design: Flavia Hevia
Costume Design: Diana Colavecchia
Music & Sound Design: Manuel Alejandro Gutiérrez
Movement: Clare Preuss
Stage Management: Marie-Claude Valiquet
Artistic Producing Intern: Joseph Recinos
Administrative Assistant: Patricia Zepeda

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